Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Festival Of Freedom

Well this Pesach is beginning to fade into the past...but that Cold Brew this Shabbat will go down nice for sure. This Pesach will be one to be remembered in the Radical Household. Our Seder on both nights went well..but this Pesach was different from all others. This Pesach we really meant it went we said next year in Jerusalem! Chills were equally felt on all spines at the Seder.

Geula Moshiach and Aliyah is written all over this Holiday. Especially this year when the Rabbis Drasha took on a Geula slant. Is this holiday not HaShem beating us over the head with the idea of Aliyah to the Land of Israel? HaShem is wanting all of us who are able to come home NOW! ASAP.

I was thinking on my way home from Shul passing houses being built Shuls being erected..and asked can we be happy here when our land goes unsettled and the Arab dogs occupy our holy soil? How can we be satisfied with anything here? Our Har Habayit lays desecrated and desolate..and we build and refurbish..our land is being given away...settled by aliens to the soil.
The Land yearns for the Jewish people to build on her and nourish her and tend her.

During Chol Hamoed I met a fellow hanging up signs in the local Kosher Supermarket. The letter was about THREE SEPERATE INCIDENTS OF GOYIM ATTACKING JEWS!!!! One Yid was hospitalized but Baruch Hashem is not in serious condition. Folks if the Jews of Chutz L'Aretz wont make Kiddush the Goyim will make Havdalah...they are sticks in Hashems hand telling us we need to go to the Land of Israel and Kick some Arab Butt!!

Well we are going through some stuff..packing and unpacking..I d better run.

Stand and Defend!! Back To The Land!

Radical Out.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Back2TheLand In 2007

Well folks the time has come..Radical and his Mishpacha are packing up to make the move UP TO THE LAND OF ISRAEL! It has been years in the planning and now finally we see things coming together for the move. I hope our story will be one of inspiration to others.

The story goes something like this.. When we arrived in England it was pouring rain and was in the fall and you know how the English Fall can be especially in Manchester. My job had transferred me to isle and my family and I looked forward to it. Nothing could have prepared us for the change in our lives that was beginning to happen.

My report to work and our settling in a small town in North Yorkshire went pretty much unnoticed. I suppose they were used to seeing "Yanks" around. At work I was briefed on a time line for one of many projects and I knew if we wanted to do any real sightseeing we needed to do it before I got bogged down in deadlines. Well what do most Brits do in their off time? Travel..preferably away from Britian! We decided on the same thing. Where could we go? Our hearts werent in Europe..or the Canary Islands..we set our eyes on the one place we had always wanted to visit..Eretz Yisrael. We had friends who had made Aliyah years before..and we knew we just had to go..before you knew it tickets were booked on El Al plans were made..and off we went.

Off the plane in Israel..we couldnt believe it..finally after all these years we could see the land..and walk in it...and hold it..and breathe the air. That week in Israel was unlike anyother week I ever spent..the Kotel..the purim parades...the food....and etc. Even for a person limited in their religous knowledge as I was unspeakable. Our week staying with our friends just flew by. They were the perfect host and hostesses. But before we knew it we were on our way back to England..what a downer. I always say that week in Israel was like a lifetime! So much living was done in such a short amount of time..I am sure it can be attributed to the Kedusha of the land.

That trip sparked in us a need to want to raise our children in more Torah environment. We enrolled them in a Lubavitch Cheder. We became affliated with Lubavitch and they accepted us so warmly in their community..Shabbat meals...Yom Tov...they were our family. Israel had left a huge impression on us and we knew then we needed to make live in the Land..thats where the Jews needed to be thats where we needed to be. We Belonged there.

It was in England that we were constantly reminded by the goyim that we didnt belong. I guess looking back on it I had been threatened at least 3 times with death. One encounter left me fairly shaken. I thought what if that bigot had had a life would have been snuffed out for what..for being a Jew living in England? I knew we (my family and I would have to get to Israel) where we could make a difference. A year and a few months and some phone calls later and we were in Manchester meeting the Jewish Agency Shaliach. Paperwork submitted and signed..we waited.

In the mean time we got news my job was moving us back to the states what is going on we thought..still no news from the Shaliach. The packers were in our house packing our belongings for the move to the states..the phone rang and you guessed was the Shaliach We had been approved for Aliyah!! Our hearts were breaking..but we moved back to the states. Fast forward to this past October\November. Our meeting with the Shaliach went well paperwork signed and submitted..we waited. Filled out our Nefesh b Nefesh paperwork...the phone rang! We had been reapproved for Aliyah. This summer we will be making Aliyah! Now a few things have transpired in the meantime...but I will save that for the next post!

Stand and Defend!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Humanitarian Crisis!!

Fellow reader the news is buzzing with news of a humanitarian crisis.... Without electricity, gas, or even food..what about the children what about the women and men? And now the threat to go door to door arresting those who the government sees as a threat?

Yes what about the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded. Men Women Children dead their bodies line the streets in burned wreckage twisted metal bits of metal everywhere. Reports have been you can not walk at some of the areas without stepping in blood running down the streets. There are no survivors at the scene of the attacks.

So Olmert opens a checkpoint to allow food and gas in...for 4 days supplies will flow in..but the problems wont be alleviated! Why? Because the humanitarian crisis I am writing about isn't in GAZA! Its in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or any other town, community or settlement of the Jewish people. Our people have been blown up..burned..stabbed..murdered..decapitated..we can go on and on..our people..Our precious Jewish people..their blood has run through the streets..and how does Olmert and the rest of the fools in control of Israel handle the problem?

They give more land they give more money they give more weapons!!! The land they launch rockets from into our homes..the money they use to buy weapon grade plastic explosives..the weapons we give them for protection are used to assassinate our fellow country men!!

The only way to help the real humanitarian crisis is to carpet bomb...carpet bomb....Gaza!!
They have dug in in Northern Gaza so we cannot waste time or Jewish lives with a door to door search..Save the Trouble Olmert ...and bomb!! Put them out of their misery..and alleviate ours!


Tunnels Tunnels Everywhere!!

I think it needs to be said..if its not already known. The plo has honeycombed border areas.
Sources have told me that intelligence reports that and extensive tunnel network exists along the border of plo controlled areas and neighboring areas.

Who built this tunnel and how long has this kidnapping been planned. The extensive length and general construction of this tunnel proves that it was built during the Abbas reign! "Peaceful" Abbas and Fatah along with splinter militia groups have been busy bees. They have literally undermined the land of Israel. We need immediate action by the IDF with sounding equipment to be brought in to find theses tunnels..that are used to usher in terrorists into the hearts of communities and outposts.

So in wasnt Hamas who built these tunnels! It was muslims living on land they illegally occupy. No our war isnt with Hamas!! It is with the these people who raise their children to murder Jews!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Things That Go Boom!!

Breaking news...IDF says the "operation" in Gaza will stop when the kidnapped victim is returned. The are there to "destroy the terrorist infrastructure" the whole area of Gaza is
terrorist please dont stop with the bridges and the powerplant!!

Stand and Defend!


WCBM Baltimore

Well it happened WCBM of Baltimore has sunk to a new trying to replace GG Liddy with that idiot Rush Limbaugh..does it really matter?

Why I dont like Limbaugh
1-he mocks the poor
2-he is so stuck on himself
3- I just dont like him.

Why I like GG Liddy
1-pro Israel
2- pro gun
3- I just like him.

Of course with Liddy you had to set thru his Red Stag commericals..and Natures Youth..but Limbaugh is running a close second with Pain killer addicition and now charges of having Viagra he didnt have a perscription for!

Monday, June 26, 2006


We Know How To Bring Him Home...

Israel National News is reporting that Israeli General Galant says the IDF knows what to do to bring Gilad home..and if it keeps with past experiences it is release hundreds of murderers.

I do know that 1,000 arabs might equal one Jewish person.
As a matter of fact some arab prisoners, see related article on Aurtz Sheva, are saying just that!! So maybe the ratio is right.

My point isnt can the IDF/Govt bring Gilad home..but can they prevent this from happening in the first place? The Answer is YES!!...How?? by waging WAR! Its time the IDF stopped harassing Jews and start killing muslim dogs! We are in a war people..war.

What is with the army? Are they smoking the Opium of the peaceniks who will love the muslim to the point they give up there own heritage? their own children? their own lives!!


Stand and Defend!

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Back In The Saddle

Well folks I am back...Batteries recharged and ready to kick some @ss. The recent kidnapping of an IDF soldier by Hamas has taken the attacks on Israel to a new level.

Lets look at the recent developments.
1)Israeli govt retreats from Gaza
2)Hamas starts to pound the communities before only dreamed about with out having to upgrade the weapons..Why? because they got territory now..they have a tactical advantage.
3)Iran is talking serious smack.
4)Hamas steps up military style many homicide bombings have made the news?
Those most likely being carried out by PLO and order to keep some control over his hench men. If he came out the peacenik which we know he isnt anyway..he would lose more people to Hamas..
5)Now we have a multiple scale attack on an IDF post..and our boys some killed one taken alive. This is a coup for the dogs..We have got to react quickly and swiftly.
ISRAEL MUST ACT TO CRUSH THE ARAB DOGS BEFORE IT GOES FURTHER!! We need to start carpet bombing GAZA NOW! Start on the southern edge and move to the north in 6 hour intervals until the soldier is released. If he is not released..its a parking lot people!! WE HAVE TO BREAK THEIR WILL TO FIGHT!!

Now we have this Hamas Dog on tv calling in Hebrew for a calm!! What the Hell? How dare the dog use the sacred language! DEATH FROM ABOVE!!! Those need to be his last words.

Word of caution to my readers all over the world..this event will only enamour the Jew Hating Dogs of the world....they will try this all over on your watch folks and STAND AND DEFEND.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 - High-tech spy planes - High-tech spy planes might fight fires

UAVs? They already use a few of them on the border..and a few at sea. Now they want to use them on "wildfires". What is really behind this? What about the ones we dont know about? What platforms are they carrying? Sensing equipment of all sorts..Infrared..high definition...Even weapons. This is the beginning of the use of spy planes to divert to other targets. Once they are in the air to cover Arizona fire..why not divert them to Tuscon or etc for nothing more than spying or assassination? Israel and US have used them extensively to spy on and kill terror suspects. They were in the air during the expulsion..taking photo's of resistors..and they are flying tonight watching for "looters" other than the military already there. They target and follow persons of interest..already. This is a problem big time. Just remember Big Brother is watching.


A Letter To A Friend

After sending an email to a friend the other day..I thought it a good thing to post here.

"Its so sad to see it....we were all glued to the news or radio during this. We went through and are going through familiar stages of shock,despair, and disappointment. Anger, guilt and etc. Its a 9/11 of Israel. The lives ripped apart..the death of so much hope, peoples dreams snuffed out in just hours..its a shame. What maybe even worse is for those asleep in the sand of Gush Katif..there alone...alone. The streets empty of children laughing of simcha..the house walls that once heard the Brachas of Jewish families now yearn for the words they had become used sounds of wrecking balls..or bulldozers...the acrid smell of diesel that powers the machines of destruction replace the scent of beautiful flowers and blossoms of fruit trees and vegetables. We weep for the families and the land..we weep for the whole earth who on the very day of the expulsion..began to quake in Japan with a 7.2 earthquake. We fear for the US..bush has unleashed the forces of destruction on the united Anthrax plague has begun in North Dakota...a tiger attacked and killed a 17 year old girl...all of creation is reacting to the disengagement. We fear for Israel..Sharon has joined the ranks of other wicked there nothing he wont do? No evil he wouldn't commit? What will he give away next Jerusalem! Who will be the next to evicted..people in Har Nof? Safed? who knows..we all live in countries lead by Tyrants..

The main thing for all of us to remember is that HaShem is in much as this disaster makes no sense to any of us He neither slumbers nor sleeps and for whatever reason He allowed this to transpire. If for nothing else..maybe for the unmasking of evil..we see the United States..we see Sharon, Peres and etc..we see and know evil, now it is exposed."

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